Midterm is Over

so yeah i supposed to post this yesterday but i'm too tired :D. Anyway i think the title speak itself, because for the past 5 days i'm struggling with Midterm test. It's not that dificult but somehow i got 68 for computer class -_- well anyway there's a lot of thing that happened for the past week
1. No more Allison and Aiden but hey at least we got that psychotic bitch (read : Kate) now (and i just found out that daniel sherman is leaving TW wich mean no Isaac)
    The title speak itself, because people keep dying in TW
Allison your badassery will be missed
2. Kamil gave me a ride to school
    Well one more thing to scratch from my bucketlist

3. Nabilah dropped from #3 to#15 in JKT sousenkyo
Well this is surprising because Nab is one of the member with the most follower on JKT48 (well guess that mean having 1M follower doesn't mean that they'll fully support you) 
Don't worry dude i'll vote for you
That's it well i should be working on my history homework but meh who cares 

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