AKB48 MV Mae shika mukanee review *super short review lol*

So yeah i should probably do this last week but as you may know i'm really busy with school council activity. Well about this single, in the first time i watched the live performance i went "waht the hell? are this supposed to be yuko last single?" because seriously it's a boring song ( The lyric aren't that bad but the song is reaalllyyy boring) and the live performance is....what should i say? uuh unattractive? because it look like they trying to rock the song by doing the headbang thing and those jumping and crazy stuff while the song, how do i say it 'not suitable for headbang and jumping and crazy stuff(?)', i get it that they trying to depict yuko energy and her powerful aura or something but i think it doesn't suit well with the song. And beside if i have to compare this song with non-ballad graduation themed song i probably gonna prefer 10nen zakura.

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