Apparently sex is (still) something that is not apropriate to talk about

Basically i write this post because last week our class got an assignment where we have to search for any kind of article and then discuss about the opinion and fact in that article, and because i'm interested to bring the idol and sex theme at the same time i pick this article (basically it's talk about is it okay for an adult to fantasizing teenage idol for their sexual desire -and actually it's okay as long they didn't do any real harm to the person they fantasize-) and then we have to talk about it in front of the class, and when it's my turn the teacher decided to SKIPPED ME, just because the title have the word sex in it ( by the way the title is 'Idolakan remaja, pilihan fantasi seks orang dewasa?' lit: idolized teens, adults choice for sex fantasy?) i was like "what the fuck?" seriously, just because the title have the word 'sex' in it. After that i started to think, "why does indonesian people are so sensitive when it come to sex talk?" well on my opinion it's probably because there aren't any decent sex education class here okay that's it from me see yah people

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