AKB48 Labrador retriever MV review

Several days ago i finally managed to watch the labrador retriever MV from AKB (sorry couldn't upload a screenshot somehow i keep getting error message) anyway so yeah this MV is just how do i say it uhm....like a slow breeze? yeah the song and the MV feels like a breeze of wind when you sitting under a tree. to be honest i don't really fond of this song (probably because i prefer energic summer song like ponytail). Move to the MV, its tarted with the mayu sleeping and then the girls playing with dog and somehow in the end apparently the girls are the dog (confusing enough?) and then they're dancing with those dog. Yeah it's sucks like i'm expecting more summer feeling MV like youy know running on the beach or go to a festival, and the dance it's just easy like they don't even try. overall this song is just decent but a perfect song when you lying in a hammock somewhere in the beach
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