Pensi JKT48 -JKT48 festival- event review

Hey hey >.< so today I decided to actually wrote something, and because today is the day where JKT held their own Pensi (lit : Art festival) guess I'll be writing that event (-3-)
So today on 8th of November JKT48 held their Pensi, I'm pretty sure I read somewhere in Supermerlion blog that AKB held this kind of event once back when they not really popular. Because it looks interesting (and the venue aren't that far from my home) I decided to go for it. When I arrived at the venue I expected some kind of flag or a huge banner but there's no such thing oh well. After I gave my ticket (you need to purchase JKT ver of kokoro no placard from the theater or rakuten to get the ticket) they gave me a coupon and the timetable for today event
The coupon looks pretty
Anyway, there's several games that you can do. These games cost around one stamp or two (If you look the picture above there's 5 blank box on the coupon it mean you got 5 stamps for one coupon) I didn't have time to try all the games because the lines are so long (probably because they only provide one classroom for one games -__- seriously are they dumb or something? only one room? *bitchslapped whoever gave that idea* )
They only allow 3 people to enter and then we have to wait until they finished their session
The first games that I tried is *drumroll* KIII darts(-3-) because I hoped to meet paw inside (unfortunately she's on K3dai kopi back then) anyway when I'm inside the classroom the security told those who still on queue that the time's are up and they about to change the games (this is so annoying, I feel sorry for those who still on queue. Why can't they announce it like 10 or 15 minutes before they change the game?) oh well, I tried the darts and unfortunately I lose and didn't get anything (-3-) but at least JOT uploaded a picture of me playing darts (more like accidentaly uploaded lol)
See? that guy on wolf hat is me ('w') I really need to work out aren't I? *sigh*
after the darts game I decided to pay a visit to the official merch shop. when I got there I saw something that catch my eyes and that is THE NEW SETLIST DVD (Pretty sure I'm about to go histerical back then) but when I looked at the price it cost around 180.000IDR (around 1700JPY or US$14.83)I only brought 190.000IDR at that time, so all I can do is gently saying "soon my darling soon we'll be together" and walk away (T^T). Because I'm easily bored I decided to queue back for KIII ring toss game. This time the queue are longer than before (and there's some people who keep cutting the line jeez) suddenly pawpaw enter the classroom and I was like
Definitely my face back then
and let's just skip the part where I awesomely throw those rings and came out as the winner, and got a message written by paw herself (at first I thought I'll get those somekind of blue pouch) and guess what? she recognized me!! (or maybe not because I can't remember clearly if she actually say my name or I'm hallucinating lol)
I have decided that I'll ditched oppamudkip/ootamudkip name and become Mr. wolfman
Because I didn't know what to do next I decided to visit the main stage.
Apparently Team J are about to perform a drama, they performed three little pigs with Frieska as the makbi (mak babi lit : mother pig) and nab, gaby and beby as the three little pigs, and Ghaida as the wolf. It was hilarious, after the drama jeje came up and played shonici and first rabbit medley (It seems a bit weird to see her become quiet after her scandal) after that, several member came up to the stage and decided to sing it together ( I always love Sendy voice) and then the fans asked for more and they performed two dangdut song the crowds went wild when sendy start singing "sakitnya tuh disini" it was fun. I decided to sit around while waiting for the main event ,skipping battle between team J and Team KIII. After waiting for half an hour (or was it an hour?) it started!!>.< at first they held a battle between shirogumi and akagumi 3rd gen
I'm sorry for the lack of photographic evidence, the staff told us to keep our camera away otherwise they'll take it
The battle between team J and Team KIII are divided into three round, on the first round team J manage to score 18 jumps (I didn't remember for sure) while team KIII manage to score 55 (cinta petrol wks) on the 2nd round Team J scored 30something i can't remember and unfortunately team KIII only scored 7 jumps (-3-) on the final round Team J gained total 89 jumps while team KIII gained 90. They can get more actually but after knowing they one point ahead team J they stopped and went histerical, and so does the fans guess JKT are the only group who managed to make skipping battle sounds like a soccer match *lol*. After the skipping battle they announced thath they're gonna have a mini live, unfortunately it took one and a half hour until the mini live actually started (This is the most annoying part they made us waiting for one and a half hour without anything) anyway the overture started and the mini live begin.
M00. Overture
M01. JKT sanjou (Team J)
M02. Lucky seven (Team KIII)
M03. Iiwake maybe (Trainee)
MC. (They talked about the event today and when theyabout to start the next song there's some announcement)
Announcement 1 : Trainee concert on 3-4 (or was it 4-5? I forgot) December 2014
Announcement 2 : JKT48 3rd anniversary concert on December 2014
Announcement 3 : JKT48 will held kokoro no placard handshake event on 7 December 2014
Announcement 4 : Team J and KIII new setlist DVD are available to buy
Announcement 5 : Calendar senbatsu
Announcement 6 : 8th SINGLE COMING SOON!
(and so, they continued the performance)
M04. Koisuru fortune cookie
M05. Kokoro no placard (I'm getting tired of this song)

And that's it ! the whole pensi JKT48 the announcement are a bit interesting (I hope they'll make B-side MV for the next single) I hope they'll make event like this next year because I haven't tried the K3dai kopi and J-lusi cafe *sigh* and if they do make this event again I hope they can use more than one classroom for the games and more food stand (seriously lawson is a bit expensive than 7 eleven). And that's it, I'm sorry for any mistake in writing or grammatical error because English isn't my first language and I'm truly sorry for the lack of photographic evidence (-3-) see ya.
The marked ones are the games/activities that I tried 

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