AKB48 Kibouteki refrain MV review

Hello, so after looking at my review for MV (More like a very short comment) I've decided to write a proper one and what would be better than reviewing the newest AKB48 new single? let's get started with the screenshots (sorry for the quality of the ss I would love to look for the video with higher resolution but the size is ridioculously big lol)

We started with Takamina running from something 
Let's all run together with heavy-looking coat and such
Apparently to become an AKB member you need to be able to run/sprint with a wedges
Ooh a mysterious person :O I wonder who is he/she ?
that's right lemme just push this cart because it's just siting there and there's no people probably using it
Now throw it to Jurina
let's take a moment to admire how graceful she is
now, let's take another moment to laugh at the guy who put his foot into the bin
why are you touching me biatch?
it's mariko-sama!!
take this sacrifice from us and go take that center posit
Finally we'll find out what's inside the bag
A golden mic? really? oh well
here comes Sasshi
Well fudge..
never worry Nyanyan is here
and then suddenly we moved into some live performance
suddenly those men in black appear (where's the security when you need them)
Let's escape because we can't rely on the security
wish I can get japanese as my 2nd foreign language class in school but all I got is french instead
And that's the screenshot >.< to be completely honest this MV is quite boring but at least there's some former center who appeared here so I'll take that as bonus. Speaking of center(s) aren't we forgetting someone? like you know the 1st janken winner aka ucchii?
I feel sorry for you girl
let's get back to the MV, I don't get it what's those men in black represent? haters? scandals? oh well who cares? all I care is the appearance of acchan, and because of this I'll give 3 out of 5 for this MV.
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