Finally, My Journey Throughout Kalos

IknowIknow that Pokemon X released three years ago and I'm waaay too late to jump on the train to Kalos. The reason why I'm so late to take the train to Kalos is because it was released when I was still in high school (my allowance wasn't really good back then and I can't have any part time job) and I'm still in the peak of my idoling phase. Anyway, I start to obsessing over pokemon again after the first trailer of Pokemon Go and thus in the beginning of 2016 I decided to start saving up and take some part time job to get myself a 3ds.

It wasn't easy at fist because I have to manage my money for college stuff and idoling. After thinking for quite some time I decided to take a break from idoling because saving up and idoling only goes together as "saving up for idol" and now I'm here with my own 3ds and a copy of Pokemon X (HUUUUGE thanks for Tenny Stanley Gamesgue on Facebook, a very recommended seller for games and console). Anyway, let's start my story on Kalos Shall we?

The majestic Xerneas (credit :

The reason I choose X rather than Y because I like Xerneas design and the rainbow antler looks so cool. At the beginning I don't feel that excited compare to when I played Black and White 2, but that's probably because I've saw the walkthrough video multiple times. However, I still have some excitement in me because this is my first time playing pokemon in an actual console. I've been planning my team since years ago, at first I'm thinking about picking Fennekin as my starter but eventually I picked Chespin because I don't want too many Fire pokemon on my team and I don't like Froakie)
Meet Milky the Chespin (forgot to take a pic when he's still a chespin lol)
I was thinking about using all Kalos origin pokemon for my team, but the amount is so little that I decided to mix new and old gen pokemon. Right now my team consist of Chesnaught (milkyy), Talonflame (it's a tradition for me to use the first bird pokemon that I caught), Gardevoir (all time favorite), Blastoise (because I've used Venusaur and Charizard in FRLG), Butterfree (for sleep powder ofc), and Aegislash (because I think it looks cool and stance change is a pretty unique ability).

Source : Bulbapedia
Kalos is a beautiful region, and a large one too. It feels bigger and more beautiful than Sinnoh (my favorite region this far). Kalos was easy especially with exp share and special training, but for me it's not as easy as Unova since it took me a whole week to finish the game (it took me three days to finish Black). The art style of this game is also a total step up from Black and with the 3D feature it looks awesome. One of my favorite in-game feature is the ability to take photo in photospot, it sounds weird but I love it soo much that I always take a photo when I see one. These are some photos that I took.

(I can't move the slide to the middle of this post :( )

I also found that all the lower touchscreen feature is pretty useful. At first I thought Pokemon Amie only function as a new way to play with your pokemon, but turns out you can get some in-battle effect with affection (should've read bulbapedia more carefully lol). I've also been using PSS more lately, the online battle is so much fun (especially since now you can use legendary). The GTS also a super help to fill out the Kalos Dex, but the number of people who offer some regular pokemon for legendary is too damn high and annoying. I mean who want a trade a freaking swirlix with a Xerneas like seriously.

Overall, I found this game is beautiful and the new features are pretty interesting and fun. However, the lack of new pokemon kinda dissapointing. Now, that I have my own 3ds I'm planning to continue my journey. I'm thinking about going back to Hoenn by getting Alpha Sapphire or exploring the new Alola region with Pokemon Sun release this friday, but I probably gonna do that by the end of the month because I'm planning to get a copy of one of 4th and 5th games to migrate my pokemon from emulator (lol). I'm starting to running out of what to write here so all I can say is "It feels good to be back on pokemon again" thank you and good bye for now.

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