what is JKT48 theater ? (in english)

soo i give this to you guys just in case if you need to describe what is JKT48 theater in english :D

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JKT48 theater is a special place where idol group JKT48 held they special concert almost every day. It’s the main activity of JKT48. It located on 4th floor at Fx life x`enter on Sudirman, Jakarta Pusat. It opened on 8 September 2012.

From the outside we could see a building colored in red and white. In the front part theres a huge neon board with ‘Jakarta JKT48 theater’ written on it. In the lobby theres a merchandise shop, a ticket booth, a big chande’lier, a plasma tv, and a display that show  what setlist were being performed today. After the lobby there is a hallway that lead into a display room. The hallway decorated with the current member photograph. The display room is a room where usually the fans that watch the theater could have a handshake or highfive session with the member that performing that day. It decorated with photograph of their sister group single. The next room is theater room, which has 170 seater and 80 person for festival. The seat area were divided by green and blue area. The green area is for the green ticket holder, and the blue area is for the blue ticket holder. Usually after the show the fans could handshake or high five with the member that performing that day. The price for the ticket is different. For a college student and older the price is IDR 80.000 for kenkyuusei (training student) performance and IDR 100.000 for regular member performance, for elementary student until high school student the ticket price is IDR 50.000 for each performance, and its free for toddler. You can only buy the ticket via online. For more information like theater schedule, performing members, or how to order the ticket visit JKT48.com .
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