About Novintha Dhini aka Nobi

Heey finally gonna post something that long enough yaay (throws confetti) anyway, this is the first time I write about JKT48 member and guess who? its...(drumroll)

NOBII!!! okay so you probably wondering why would my first post about JKT48 member is her instead of my oshi. Well, that's because several days ago she uploaded this video

And I was like "MA DAMN" like seriously I know that she's good singer (since she got into wiz audition and I saw her perform blue rose once) but this, THIS is different I have goosebumps every freakin' time I watch this video because her voice is SUPER GOOD she's like Masuda Yuka of JKT (6 3 6) okay rather than blabbering here let's start shall we?

About her in general
Novintha dhini a.k.a Nobi was born on Bali on 26 November 1995. From her video on G+ it seems that she attend an art university or such (I didn't really bother to dig into her personal life). She's a member JKT48 Team KIII. Her dream, if I'm not mistaken, is to be able to perform on Broadway

My opinion
I don't know why but it seems that I often pay more attention to her after I heard that she got into that wiz drama thing audition and many people say that she's the only non Japan member there. Of course this news made me perk up my ear "A (non Japan) JKT member? like for real?" and then I found the video here. When Miyamoto Amon said that she's the best singer in there it's kinda mindblowing for me especially when he said that the only problem is because the whole show is in Japanese and he's not sure if she can do it. This is like..I don't know what to say...like I mean if she could speak Japanese there's a huge chance that she could win the audition and become the first non Japan to perform. Another thing than her voice is how she react around her idol. Her post on G+  about meeting Hillary is hilarious and when she crying while half screaming like a fangirl when donald skehan reply her tweet is priceless (on the other I probably gonna have the same reaction probably worse if tyler hoechlin reply my tweet lol). Those emotion that she showed are pure and shows that she's noy just an idol she's also a fan which is very insteresting (even Acchan show less emotion when she met Robbert Pattinson lol). One last thing that I really like about her is the fact that she can speak english, Idk I thing I have this fetish admiration towards member who could speak english. Lol guess that's it, I hope she have good times in JKT (and got into senbatsu this year) and I'll try to come to her booth at the next HS event see ya. If I made any mistake in this post please correct me thank you!

Keep fighting Nobi-chan!! (credit goes to whoever first upload this pic since I found it on google)

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