NMB48 Must Be Now Type C unboxing

Hi, I know I should've did this like months ago but I got busy with college and laziness. So, after months of holding back let's begin. I bought the regular edition type C from CDjapan because they have this crazy discount back then and I thought "why not?". I choose type C because Kufuku de Renai wo Suru na is just damn catchy (and definitely not because of my limited budget). The cd consist of 6 tracks: Must Be Now, Kataomoi Yori mo Omoide wo..., Kufuku de Renai wo Suru, and the off vocal version from those three songs. The DVD have 5 videos: Must Be Now MV and dance version, Kataomoi Yori mo Omoide wo,,, MV, Kufuku de Renai wo Suru MV, and some skit by NMB48 (idk since I can't speak Japanese). I wish they could put concert video instead a skit though, like what SKE did on 12gatsu ni Kangaroo. Anyway, let's start the unboxing shall we?

 It's always fun and exciting when your package arrived, even more fun than having a boyfriend
It's a box, nothing exceptional
Gonna pop those bubble wrap
Bae <3 <3
The back cover feature Team BII
The CD
Lyric book
Senbatsu (sorry for the poor quality)
I got shuu
This single have 9 members for senbatsu (which is smallest NMB senbatsu this far). The MV basically consist of dance shot and close up. I think  this MV is the most basic MV for NMB A-side tho ;/ it's quite boring and nothing special, but the ferarri in the beginning make it feels luxurious which is nice. The costume for this MV is something stylish(?) like something that you wear when you go to the mall instead of regular idol costume. I think the manajement want to go a bit k-popish with this single, with the small senbatsu and the concept. I heard many fans were dissapointed that no one from Team M are in senbatsu. So yeah, to me this MV kinda cool but feels boring to me

The second MV was 'meh' to me so I'll just skip it to the last MV in this single. Kufuku de Renai wo Suru MV is my favorite MV for this single. The blind date theme was so funny I can't help but to chuckle and cringe all the time. I'm running out of word to describe this MV but it's an A+ for me like seriously (yep my laziness showing here). Overall I think this single wasn't so bad and not completely loss for me (unlike Takane no Ringo) and compare to NMB next single "Amagami Hime" this is far more better in the term of music (at least for me)

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