Imaji 1st minialbum "It's Harder to be Me" unboxing and review


Hello, I know I said that I'll write a review about JKT48 Beginner Handshake event, unfortunately I didn't find the event as good as the previous HS event. Instead I'll write a review about my friend's  band who recently released their first mini album with the title It's Harder to be Me (They release it on iTunes too) and I pre-ordered it because I promised her to buy her first musical release.

Let's start with the unboxing first shall we?

The Package
It came today so I was happy (sorry for keep asking the tracking code nggi) anyway the package was quite simple, they put it in a brown envelope without using bubble wraper.

It came with a bonus bracelet

The whole bracelet 
Since I pre-ordered my copy I got a bracelet as a bonus. It's pretty neat because I love blue color, unfortunately its too small for my hands to wear (or my hands are simply too big LOL)

Front cover (there's a thank you note)
The front cover is pretty simple with a dark blue as the main color. I thought that the CD will be in a jewel case or a paper case but turns out it's a hardcover like some expensive books. I like the idea of using hardcover as the packaging because it won't be easy to break or cracked, unlike jewel case or a paper case.

Back cover with the tracklist
The back cover use the same concept as the front cover with the dark blue color and the track list. There's only nine tracks, that's why I called it a mini album but it's not a problem for me since JKT usually only have six tracks for their release. Anyway, the font kinda remind me of JKT's Pajama Drive someone please tell me what's the font name!!

The inside
The inside are filled with lyrics book and thank you note from each members. They use simple artwork for the lyrics book, kinda like a children doodle. The lyrics are pretty short with the longest are Dear Diary and Can't Stand. 

Self portrait, because who wouldn't?
The CD
The CD looks simple with some pattern that I don't know the name (lol). It's always fun to collect a CD rather than downloading it on iTunes or any other streaming website. Because to me buying the physical form have more prestige than downloading it digitally (*^*)

The Tracklist

As you guys should already notice this is not an album so there's not that many song in here. There are nine song in this mini album Golden Sun, Fire and Spirit, Witness Song, Dear Diary, Wiped Out, Insecure, Can't Stand, Missed, and Reborn. First of all I don't know much about music so I'm just gonna write what I like and what I don't. 

The first two track, Golden Sun and Fire and Spirit, feels a bit warm and familiar to my ear. They feels kinda like mainstream pop music these day(?) so its easy for me to listen to. Reborn also my favorite because the song talk about how they here and that this is what they want. There are song that I found dragging to me too, like Dear Diary and Insecure. I don't know really why but when I listened to those song I can't help but to think "Alright, when will this song be over? like seriously..." I don't know if some people feel the same or it's just me.

One of the problem that I had with the CD is they suddenly stopped playing oftenly. However, since I've only been play it on my laptop so I don't know if it's my laptop or the CD, but I thinks it's my laptop since he's pretty old. 

In summary the CD package looks simple but I think its perfect and the hardcover give me this elegant feeling. The songs are pretty good, one thing that I noticed though is the lack of love themed song in this album, which is great because 48G already supplied me with more than enough song about love. So, if you guys looking for something new to listen to why don't you try give Imaji a chance? who know, maybe you'll love it after two or three play.

You can find imaji on their facebook page and instagram

(P.S : for some reason the picture won't appear on thumbnail even if I change the first photo)

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