JKT48 Mahagita unboxing and opinion

It's finally here!! at first I want to post this on the same day I wrote Must Be Now (which was last week) but I got busy with stuff and unable to do so. So, today I'm posting an unboxing process of JKT48 2nd album "Mahagita" which is their version of kamikyoukutachi. This album was announced during JKT48 request hour last February. When I first heard the title of the album I was like "oooo wow mahagita, sounds fancy and elegant" (for those who don't know 'maha' in Indonesian could mean the best, while 'gita' mean song) and I was expecting some traditional tune or wayang-ish design, basically anything that say "wow it's very Indonesian".  

A few months later during Beginner handshake event it was announced that Veranda will design the art for CD jacket. It was kinda surprising to me because I think JOT is trying to avoid angry fans in case their design is not good enough. After JOT reveal the CD jacket all I can say is that I kinda don't like it. Its just that there's too many pink and purple and if I'm not mistaken I think I saw some Japanese idol group releasing a single with CD jacket similiar to this one. 

The tracklist for this album is not that bad in my opinion, but it's not that amazing either. This album consist of 15 tracks :
1. 365 nichi no Kamihikouki (I love this song tbh)
2. Sakurairo no Sora no Shita de (This one interesting too)
3. RIVER (This song is such a hit back then, for this single management manage to build up the hype back then)
4. Koisuru Fortune cookie (Boring, but I know this song is popular even with non fans and deserve it place in a 'Best song' album)
5. Kibouteki Refrain (This song is fun but I think its only here because this is ssk song)
6. Gomen ne, Summer (Boring, but this song have the same popularity like KFC which is again understandable)
7. First Rabbit (I honestly don't know why this song is here)
8. Hikoukigumo (Like First Rabbit I don't know why this son is here, seriously there's too much recording of hikoukigumo by now)
9. Shoujotachi yo (This one is my favorite)
10. Shonichi (I love this song too, if I were a member my favorite song to perform will be this song)
11. Only Today (One of the concert song, meh)
12. 1!2!3!4! Yoroshiku! (Despite being one of K3 signature song I never really like this song)
13. Iiwake Maybe (I love the original version, but the translation make me cringe so hard)
14. Seishun no Laptime (Another concert song, I nees to put this on replay several times before I get used to it)
15. Ame no Doubutsuen (The winner of 2016 RH, I'm kinda glad because I haven't buy K3 2nd stage by the time I bought this)

Aside from 4 new song there's nothing special in this 2nd album, they didn't include any lyric or recording member for the song but I think they re-record many song with new lineup. I honestly expecting Hebirote or Baby!3x to be included in this album because the 'Best song' in the title. I think 'Mahagita' hold the biggest sale number compare to other release (this is ssk single duh) at moment like this I really wish Indonesia could have something akin to Oricon. Oh well, I think I have typed all that I want to say about this album now is the time for the actual unboxing photo :D. Sorry for bad quality photo, I was kinda rushed and forgot to change the camera mode

I kinda wondering if nadatop have endless supplies of noel and acha trump card
The inside

The I-forgot-what-they-called-in english

Another Veranda :(

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